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Integrity    Responsibility    Innovation


The core values of integrity, responsibility, and innovation are the values pursued by Guoan Security Co., Ltd. It is the fundamental method of belief and support for the company and employees to realize their vision and mission.


"Integrity" is the cornerstone of ethics for the company's career and employees.

Each employee, every department, and every project must pay attention to honesty, honesty, honesty, integrity, integrity, honesty, and loyalty to customers. This is the basic premise for the company to fulfill its responsibilities and realize the common development of the company and employees, the company and the customers, the company and the society.


"Responsibility" is a work attitude that bravely shoulders heavy burdens and takes due diligence.

Every employee must adhere to the overall situation and subordinate to the overall situation, take the initiative to translate this responsibility into a conscious action to implement the company's decision-making and deployment, and transform it into a unified will to promote the “professional transformation of the enterprise” and transform it into a daily security service. The strong driving force for work is to be responsible to the country, responsible to the company, responsible to the customer, and responsible to himself.


"Innovation" is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development and career advancement.

The course of company development is the process of innovation. Without innovation, it will not become China's first-class security service brand. It is necessary to vigorously promote the innovative spirit of being courageous to change, dare to take the lead, dare to break the routine, and take risks, and comprehensively advance theoretical innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and practical innovation.