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Activity security

For the safety and security of all kinds of large-scale events (such as concerts, sports events, exhibitions, and large-scale exhibitions, etc.), conduct scientific assessments, formulate targeted programs, establish effective command systems, and carefully organize and implement safety and security work. Provide comprehensive security services combined with people and technology to eliminate various insecurity factors and ensure that all types of large-scale activities are conducted in a safe environment.


The main service content:

The first is to provide all kinds of large-scale activities: (such as exhibitions, concerts, sports events, etc.) provide comprehensive security services combined with human skills;

Second, on-site guards for large-scale events: providing temporary security services for large-scale commercial activities such as meetings, receptions, and exhibitions;

Third, security inspections for large-scale events: Security screening equipment and services for large-scale commercial activities such as conferences, receptions, and exhibitions.