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Security guard:

Age 18-45 years old, height 170cm, no tattoos, no criminal record, security work experience or veterans preferred, monthly salary 3k ~ 5k;


Security guard captain:

aged 22-45 years old, height 170cm or more, no tattoos, no bad records; obey orders, follow the command, have a strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission; have more than two years of security work experience, can independently carry out security team management Work, with foreman working experience or veteran preferred, monthly salary 3.5k~6k;


Market development:

College degree or above, with good language skills, coordinating ability and resilience, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under certain pressure, familiar with the cooperation channels of the security industry, and prioritizing relevant market development experience; monthly salary 4k~1w dollars;


Operations Manager:

Bachelor degree or above, with strong communication, coordination and business development capabilities, teamwork, strong resistance to pressure, decision-making, logical thinking, more than three years of work experience, relevant security aspects Work experience is preferred; monthly salary 6k-8k;